Salem Hills Wins in Four Sets against Maple Mountain

S01 Maple Mtn @ SHHS 20150917_0101 ledit (1).jpg

Meagan Treanor (2) sets up for Rachel Christensen (17)  and Corie Bornholdt (20) last Thursday

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Bill Pike Memorial Men's Softball Tournament Among Onion Days Celebration's Most Popular Events

When the Bill Pike Memorial Men’s Softball Tournament takes place on Saturday, September 5, it will likely draw a large crowd.  Since it was established in remembrance of a well-loved Payson sports figure, the late Bill Pike, the tournament has grown to become among the most popular events held during the Golden Onion Days celebration.

Teams from the local and surrounding communities are invited to participate in sanctioned or unsanctioned games that day.  Pre-registration is required and may be completed by contacting the Payson Recreation Department at 801-465-6031.  The cost is $200 per team if USSSA-sanctioned or $225 per unsanctioned team.  Each team will be allowed to play up to three games.

Held at the Payson Softball Fields, located at 955 South Main Street, games start at 8 AM on and will run all day.